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3 Top Free Web Development Projects to Know in 2023

Welcome to the topic, “3 Top Free Web Development Projects to Know in 2023“.

No doubt, web development is somehow expensive, but it is a widespread masterpiece in the class of information technology. This section explains web development projects that are purely popular ideas for those with low budgets. There is an opportunity for a greater degree of self-learning and experimentation here:

1. A Trivia/Quiz Game Using JS (and jQuery)


  • Build a basic quiz game that offers players preset questions and multiple choices, from which only one is the right option. It usually works on a scoring system.

Learning JavaScript – or any other web development project – is one thing, and relating your understanding of the same is another. Until you can experiment with what you’ve learned for so long, you won’t turn to advance, whether it’s JavaScript or any other programming language. So, it’s essential to work on some IT projects alongside learning JavaScript.

There are several easy JavaScript projects that you can utilize to test your knowledge. One of them is a basic quiz game. creating the same will assist you to build a strong understanding of DOM operation, one of the key features of data management and JavaScript programming.

You can begin with the JavaScript quiz game by only adding some questions, about 5 or 6. Each question contains 4 choices. You have to put a scoring system along with a quiz to make things a little tempting. Since developing this game’s primary aim is to learn web development or JS, particularly, you can simply deal with the game’s styling and designing using a simple CSS context.


2. A Basic To-Do Webapp


  • Build a basic to-do app that allows a user to add daily tasks.

Another prodigious indication for a web development project is to create a basic to-do slope web app. Completing this project necessitates a beginner to intermediate-level knowledge of web development.

The to-do web app must let users add new things to a list, and objects added to a list must be evident. Also, a visitor can mark a task “complete” upon its completion, and these finished tasks must be on a separate list, as Completed Tasks.

You can also add an isolated section named Pending Tasks that will showcase all the tasks that need completion. In such a condition, the to-do list will be a combination of the Completed Tasks list and Pending Tasks the list. Regardless of the list, a visitor must be able to edit or delete tasks from it.

To further enhance the web app’s intricacy or make it more comprehensive, you can add the time and date when a task is completed and/or added. If you do not influence local storage, then the web app will reorganize every time it is restarted. Therefore, you can devise local storage to permit users to resume the app after restarting, exactly from where you left it off the last time.

3. A Basic Survey Form


  • To create a basic online survey form.

Surveys are important tools for collecting data for companies/organizations. Most web developers need to have a web survey form, whether it is to take feedback, basic details of applications for a job opening, or gather user experience about a particular product.

This web development project idea emphasizes developing a basic online survey form or questionnaire. It is a simple thing when you’re familiar with HTML5 or even HTML.

Survey form

The online survey project is very flexible, and you can make it according to your specific needs. Regardless of the type of questionnaire you need to make, however, you have to add the following items:

  • Name
  • Age/Birthday
  • Email address
  • Contact Number

The main aim of this project is to evaluate (or learn) webpage-creating skills. For project improvement ideas, you can contact us.