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Welcome to the topic, “3 Best Web Development Projects to Know in 2023“.

The best thing about web development is that it will always be better and bigger from hereon. As such, it has converted into a lucrative career opportunity in the thriving and surviving IT market. Here are 3 Best Premium/Paid Web Development Projects to Know in 2023


These web development projects are those that you can own for a particular fee. These fall among the most popular web development projects chosen by web development learners throughout the globe:

1. Build a Complete Website with WordPress 


This is a popular project offered by Coursera, the information hub for online learners. Building a Complete Website using WordPress is an innovative project that dictates candidates to have robust working data in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


In addition to developing a brand new website from scratch, the creation, of a complete Website, using a WordPress-directed project engages learners in editing webpage content, links, and images. You will also learn to organize and add widgets to a webpage.

2. Full Stack Web Development Project Like Netflix


The Full Stack Web Development Project Like Netflix is a video tutorial that offers an extensive guide for developing a top-ranked video streaming service same to the Netflix replica. It is provided by the famous online course provider “Intellipaat”.

You have to watch only 91 minutes of video to complete learning the Full stack web development project. You will be guided completely on developing a Netflix-like video streaming service in this tutorial.

It starts with an explanation of web development basics, in common, and full-stack web development, specifically. Next, it deliberates on the system design of Netflix, along with the development of Netflix-like APIs.

You will also get information about the intricate craft of installing web development projects over the cloud. This is, obviously, not a friendly web development project at the beginning as it requires information on various features of web development.

The Intellipaat YouTube channel has more than 775k subscribers, 1k+ videos, and more than 36 million views.

3. Build Your Portfolio Website with HTML and CSS


Developing Your Portfolio Website with HTML and CSS is a friendly guided project from the beginning. It is delivered as a 90 minutes video lesson in the split screen where one half instructs you on the directions while the other half lets you rehearse what you are getting in real-time.


The guide to this web development project starts with explaining the basics of web browsing and hosting a website. Next, it elaborates on creating a webpage using HTML along with the how-to of customizing the set-up of web content leveraging CSS.

By the effective completion of this conducted web development project from Coursera, you will be capable to develop an attention-grabbing and fully-functional portfolio website that can exactly showcase your experience, skills, and abilities to the world.


Remember, practice/exercise is the key where code is intricate and also that web development requires a lot of skills, including but not only these:

All in all, working on these projects will offer you a chance to explore the multi-faceted features of web development first-hand and build real knowledge on numerous web technologies enhancing the rapidly developing niche of information technology.