About Me

My Web Designer and Developer Story

My web designer and web developer journey began in 2012 when I lived in Louisiana. At the time, I was studying computer engineering. Although I enjoyed computer engineering, I quickly became passionate about the website design industry and launched headfirst into learning about website development. Those early years involved many photoshop graphic design projects paired with basic HTML web design for my family members as well as local businesses. My love for web development and design grew, and I continued my professional development to become a full stack website designer.

 Once WordPress began to grow in popularity, I set myself to mastering that realm to better serve my individual as well as business clientele. Now, I am a New York web developer serving clients both locally as well as across the globe. I am committed to offering comprehensive web development and design services for my clients’ convenience and comfort. In addition, I offer complete and ongoing maintenance services to guarantee each client’s website is up to par and serving the goals and purposes of their online presence. I would like to invite you to Contact Me for more information about my expertise, or to inquire about my Services!

My Efficient Workflow

Through my extensive experience, I have developed an efficient and effective web development and design workflow. This allows me to provide real-time updates for my clients on which step we are on in their website development. Furthermore, it is a proven strategy to keep all information and steps organized.

My process begins with a one-on-one consultation with each of my clients, and then I prepare by determining a plan of action as well as a timeline. It is my goal to consistently deliver high-quality web development and design that will exceed your expectations and help you reach your online goals!

In the first part of the project I mostly ask questions and talk with my clients about what they want. I want to get a super clear picture of what they want and need. Only then can I deliver a product that both parties are happy with. 

After I have a rough enough understanding of the client’s needs and wants I can start designing the first part of the website.

When it’s a big project I always start with wireframing. This is the process where I design in grey, without using colours, images and styling options. Then I share this design with my client and when they agreed I continue with the visual design. This is where I will add details and make it come to live.


When the design is done and my client is happy with the final design I go on with installing WordPress and all the plugins that I need for the project.

Then I will start creating the pages one by one and send my client preview links along the process. This makes it easy to get feedback for me and assures my client that they get the things that they want. 


In the first part of the project I mostly ask questions and talk with my clients about what they want. I want to get a super clear picture of what they want and need. Only then can I deliver a product that both parties are happy with. 

My Software Tools

Staying updated on today’s best web development and design industry practices is important to both me and my clients. I only use the latest software for my projects. Presently, this includes:

Disame Graphic Photoshop About
Disame Graphic adobe-xd About
Disame Graphic illustrator About
Disame Graphic wordpress About
Do you offer ongoing support after my website is completed?

Definitely! Once a website is fully designed and developed, it is important to conduct regular website maintenance to upkeep the efficiency and profitability of the site. Web maintenance can be complex. Check Out my Web Maintenance package for more information on what is included in your website development and design aftercare.

Where are you located?

Even though I regularly serve clients from all around the world, I am based out of Long Island, New York. If you are seeking a New York Web Developer, you know where to find me!

Am I able to edit the website myself?

Of course! Once I complete your web design and web development, you will be able to edit the content yourself. A core reason I like to work through WordPress is due to its user-friendly and accessible features that can be enjoyed by my clients.

What are your prices per website?

No two business websites should be exactly alike! Therefore, I offer fresh custom designs and development for all of my clients. The price of your website will be based on the final web design and web development requirements. Website projects start at $1500 and have the potential to go up from there. Contact Me today for a free quote!

Do you offer hosting?

Purchasing and setting up your own hosting is easy and usually reasonable in cost! I would be happy to provide you the resources to set up your own hosting. The majority of my clients choose to go this route; however, I will provide a web hosting service if it aligns with your budget and is convenient for you.

What if I don’t like the final product?

By the time we reach the final stages of your web design and development, we will have already consulted and viewed portions of the site. Those who hire me as their web developer receive real-time updates and check-ins to guarantee you will love your final product!